Narva, R. Narva, Estonia (now Russia)


Approximate Location ​N 59°21’25.1"

                                            E 28°11’40.0”


Span      79.3m (260 feet)

Width    1.3m (6 feet)

Built        1908

Designed by Louis Harper (1868-1940)

Manufactured by Harpers Limited, Craiginches Ironworks, Aberdeen


Evidence that this was a Harper bridge: definite


This suspension bridge served the huge Kernholm works, then part of Estonia. It was erected in 1908 and was certainly there in 1921 when visited by my father Louis Harper.  However it no longer survives and may have collapsed in 1944 during overloading at some stage. Following the Second World War, the Russian border moved to include the island and the works.

There is a fascinating series of pictures showing the construction of this bridge which you will find in Building a Harper Suspension Bridge.

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