Bandon, R. Bandon, Eire


Location N 51°44’56.28”

                 W 8°43’21.52”


Span  36.6m (120 feet)  

Width not known

Designed by Louis Harper (1868-1940)

Manufactured by Harpers Limited, Craiginches Ironworks, Aberdeen         

Built 1890 Destroyed by flood, date unknown


Evidence that this was a Harper bridge: definite


Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums Collections

The bridge is very similar to that at Lincoln, built the same year. Here, however, the masts are constructed of steel ‘I’ beams which terminate in the saddle carrying the main cable, which runs continuously between the anchorages (see Suspension). The masts are completed by an early example of the sphere and cone finial that was to become Louis Harper’s architectural signature. There are subsidiary anchor cables attached to the masts. The deck is of wood supported on cables that are axially tensioned at the foot of the masts. The deck curve is pronounced so that its shape almost mirrors the form of the main cable. Although the site was identified, no vestiges of the bridge remain.

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