Bharyang Bhurung, Dhading, Central Nepal

Location  N 27°57.19’

                   E 85°00.73’


Span    50.7m (160 feet)

Width  1.2m (4 feet)

Designed by Louis Harper (1868-1940)

Manufactured by Harpers Limited, Craiginches Ironworks, Aberdeen         

Built 1900-1909, Nepal Military

Level of evidence that this is a Harper bridge: definite

Bharyang Bhurung 1.png
Bharyang Bhurung 2.png

The bridge is built over the Bharyang Bhurung on the main trail between Trishuli, Dhading and Gorka. The track is being gradually replaced by a new road both from the Trishuli and the Dhading ends.


This bridge was seen in November 2019 and is in a sorry state.  It is still in use, but the upstream guard rail is deficient at the right bank and the finials have disappeared from the towers on the left bank. The normal arch of the deck has gone. There is a concrete bridge being built immediately downstream so possibly the suspension bridge is no longer being maintained. A steel deck has replaced the original wooden one.

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