Charchare, Palpa, Western Nepal



Over the Tinau Khola between Tansen and Butwal.


N 27°55.03’

E 83°37.52’


Span 71m (234 feet)

Width 1.2m (4 feet)

Designed by Louis Harper (1868-1940)

Manufactured by Harpers Limited, Craiginches Ironworks, Aberdeen         

Built 1900-1909, Nepal Military.


Evidence that this is a Harper bridge: definite.


We were alerted to the existence of this bridge in 2019 by Sanjay Ghimire and we were pleased to meet him with a couple of friends later that year and visit the bridge together.  The bridge is a little off the main road between Tansen and Butwal but can be seen from it. It is still very much in use.


A Louis Harper nameplate and finials confirms it provenance. The deck is now of steel lattice and the hangars have been replaced to accommodate them. The platform cables are anchored at the base of the towers by stirrups which are rusting and will need replaced.  The cables are original and in good order. A fine bridge.

IMG_2276 2.jpeg

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