Cromdale, R. Spey, Strathspey, Highland


Location N 57°20’29.27”

                 W 3°33’12.63”


Span    not known  

Width 1.3m (4 feet)

Built 1881  

Cromdale cropped.jpg

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This is the first of two bridges built on this site. Cromdale is found on the River Spey just downstream of Grantown on Spey. The parish church of Cromdale and Advie stands on the east bank of the river. The Cromdale bridge was built adjacent to the church (NH065289) in about 1881.

The photograph shows that the bridge was located just above the ferry mooring at Boat of Cromdale (the boat mooring is in the foreground), an area of the bank clearly recognisable today. The bridge reached the right bank just at the lower end of the churchyard. It was built by local subscription to a fund of which the Reverend John Grant, of Cromdale Manse, was treasurer.


It was washed away in the flood of 1894. A fuller account of the incident you will find in River, Railway and Ravine

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