Nairn, R. Nairn, Moray


Location N 57°34’55.12”

                 W 3°51’50.36”


Span      30m (100 feet)

Width  not known

Built     1887 Destroyed by flood, 1917


Evidence that this was a Harper bridge: definite

A02590+copy jpg.jpg

University of Aberdeen, George Washington Wilson Collection

The Jubilee Bridge at Nairn was the first pedestrian bridge on this site – but not the last. The footings on the right bank were in the Boath estate while those on the left bank were in town land. George Washington Wilson of Aberdeen, the Victorian photographer, took this beautiful picture of the bridge which shows were the main features – timber masts, tensioners for main, deck and anchor cables and the arched deck. It was the first bridge that Louis Harper helped to build on joining the family firm.

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