Ravenscraig, Dundee, over the Caledonian Railway


Location N 56°28’05.96”

                 W 2°54’05.70”


Span 16.8m (55 feet)

Width unknown, probably 1.2m (4 feet)

Built 1872, removed, date unknown.

Evidence that this was a Harper bridge: definite

Ravenscraig diagram.jpg

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This bridge was built in 1872 and displayed a number of unique features.  First there is no transom and secondly there is no wood.  The pillars are of cast iron and have the fence-scale tension devices for the main, platform and anchor cables, ie 12 in all.  The pillars were about 3.2m in height (10’6”) and it was placed over the Caledonian Railway between Dundee and Monifeith to allow Col Sandeman of Ravenscraig House access to the beach on the far side of the railway.  The site can be identified today although are no vestiges of the bridge left.

Rcraig Ag Show.jpg

Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums Collections

Small, fence scale tensioners can be seen for main and deck cables

Eight years later an identical bridge was built at Birkhall by the Prince of Wales.  About this time another bridge was built for promotional purposes and erected at an agricultural show (left)

Ravenscraig diagram1.jpg

Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums Collections

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