Upper Glentanar, Aberdeenshire.




Built 1870s

Designed by John Harper (1833-1906)

Manufactured by Harper & Co, Mealmarket St., Aberdeen

Lady Glentanar.jpg

Glentanar Estate

Several footbridges appeared in Glentanar around 1870, apart from the one at Tanarmouth.  One of the latter was found in a photograph of a car with Lady Glentanar in the driving seat.  In the background was a Harper footbridge, presumably over the Tanar and presumably having a span as at Tanarmouth of 100 feet. However the tensioners are of the larger type that was, by that time, standard.

The map shows the likely sites of other bridges which were built about the same time and while the one illustrated was definitely a Harper bridge, the others remain only probabilities.

Glentanar map.jpg

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