Waterside of Aboyne, R. Dee, Aberdeenshire


Location N 57°04.4

                 W 2°50.0’


Span    91m  (300feet)

Width  Unknown, probably 1.3m (4 feet)

Built 1871. Probably destroyed by flooding c1913.


Evidence that this was a Harper bridge: definite


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The bridge is similar to the Shocklach bridge built the same year.  There are two main cables, one from the timber masthead and the other set halfway down. This bridge was if not the earliest, one of the earliest and the span is impressive.  There were a number of floods on the Dee reported in around 1913 and it’s possible that the bridge met its demise around that time. This bridge can be seen on the 1901 OS map and in a photograph of John Harper’s. Until recently, some evidence of the site was apparent from an anchorage on the left bank. 


Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums Collections

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