The Hunting Bridge, Shocklach, R. Dee, Cheshire



Location N 53°02’41.9”

                 W 20°38’04.02”


Built 1871, removed 1930s

Designed by John Harper (1833-1906)

Manufactured by Harper & Co, Mealmarket St., Aberdeen  


Evidence that this was a Harper bridge: definite


Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums Collections

A photograph in the Harper archive led us to this bridge and we visited the site in 2008. It was known locally as the Hunting Bridge, having been built in 1871 by Sir William Matthias Williams Glyn of Rhuabon for the Wynstay Hunt. It was taken down between the wars on account of the river having changed its course, leaving the footings at one side in the middle of a field and the other at the bottom of the river.


The timber masts support two main cables – one at the top and the other half-way down – similar to the one at Waterside of Aboyne over the Aberdeenshire Dee. The remains of the footings at one side are illustrated.

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