Trentham, R. Trent, Staffordshire


Location N 52°57’48.55”

                 W 2°11’56.2”


Span      21m (70 feet)


Built 1893, removed 1930s


Evidence that this was a Harper bridge: definite.


This bridge is identical to the Dorrator one at Falkirk and built the same year. As the photograph shows, its deck features a graceful upward curve, a conspicuous feature of Harper bridges. The undergrowth in the photograph prevents us from establishing whether the deck was tensioned to the base of the pylon with a tensioner or passed beyond to a common anchorage, but the latter is more probable.


It was replaced with a stone road bridge as Trentham gardens were developed in the 1930s. About this time the mansion house was demolished.

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