Doveridge, R. Dove, Derbyshire


Location N 52°54’11.1”

                 W 1°50’10.4”


Span    c27m (90 feet)  

Width  1.83m (6 feet)

Built 1898


Evidence that this was a Harper bridge: Definite


Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums Collection

The original bridge had been commissioned in 1898 by a Mr F. A. Brace of Doveridge Hall as the price he was required to pay in order to divert a public footpath around rather than through his land. Subsequently, the whole estate had fallen into disrepair and the Hall itself had been demolished in 1938. The bridge had been neglected and had been replaced in the mid-1940s by a similar structure by David Rowell & Co. Images of the earlier bridge confirmed it as having been built by Louis Harper.


The features of the lattice masts, finials common anchorages and arched deck can be clearly seen.  Below is the present bridge of 1945 by David Rowell, London.

Doverage today.JPG

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