Holme, Cambridgeshire


Location N 52°28’29.57”

                  E  0°14’15.04”


Span 24.4m (80 feet)

Width not known

Built early 1870s


Evidence that this was a Harper bridge: definite


This bridge, possibly the Harpers’ earliest railway footbridge, was built in the 1870s, before the Great Northern Railway (GNR) line was quadrupled.  Although its precise date is not known, this bridge was built after 1871.


It was basic in design, with wooden masts and large tensioners for the main span and anchor and platform cables.


The Peterborough Advertiser tells us ‘As a proof of its portability and simplicity of construction, we may state that it was erected in seven days, without in any way interfering with the traffic on the line, which at that point is very considerable, upwards of 1300 trains (including shuntings) passing under whilst in the course of construction. The work was executed under the personal supervision of Mr John Harper, of Seafield House, Aberdeen, the patentee.’






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